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Berglund Center

710 Williamson Rd.
Roanoke, VA 24016

Mailing Address:
PO Box 13005
Roanoke, VA 24030-3005

Phone: 540.853.2241
FAX: 540.853.2748

Ticket Office: 540.853.LIVE (5483)
Fax: 540.853.6583

E-mail: tickets@TheBerglundCenter.com
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General Manager: Robyn Schon 540-853-6861
Assistant General Manager: Michael Kremer 540-853-2367
Senior Event Manager: Mike Stenzler 540-853-5371
Event Manager: Alex Johnson 540-8535370
Sales Manager: Cathy Ring 540-853-6860
Director of Marketing: Viki Arias 540-853-2988
Marketing Manager: Jonathan Carlin 540-853-5372
Director of Operations: Mike Kepler 540-853-5803
Operations Manager: Travis McKinner 540-853-5384
Building Services Manager: Paige Thompson 540-853-5377
Director of Finance: Cindy Sowers 540-853-5368
HR/Payroll Manager: Lisa Sowers 540-853-5464
Ovations Food & Beverage: 540-853-5380

IATSE: http://www.iatselocal55.com/

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